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NPN November 2022 Update

Meet our Board

Join us as we congratulate NPN board member N. Paul TonThat, on his recent appointment as Executive Director of Nuestra CDC!

Paul began his nonprofit career at BayCove Human Services, opening a bi-lingual, bi-cultural residential program for homeless and mentally ill Asians. At FBC Property Management, he developed supportive housing and created a nonprofit home health aide organization. He went on to provide interim leadership for a variety of organizations, such as VietAID, the Connecticut chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association, the Brain Tumor Society, Steps to Success, New Sector Alliance, and Kennedy-Donovan Center. In addition to his role at Nuestra CDC, Paul is a Managing Member of TCF Collaborative.

What's Happened

Did you miss November's seminar, What Are Different Viable Board Models and How Do They Work? Catch a recording on NPN's On Demand Content page along with other recent seminars.

Our thanks to Boardsource-certified expert Abbie von Schlegell for sharing her knowledge and expertise!

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