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Time is Running Out!

For 20 years our mission is to support the 10,000 small to medium sized nonprofit organizations in Greater Boston and beyond. We do this by providing, at no cost to the community, expert-led seminars and programs that address the most challenging issues facing these organizations.


In 2023, more than 300 nonprofit professionals, representing over 200 organizations, benefited from industry experts who shared their experience and insights on critical topics such as strategic board recruitment, fundraising, racial equity diversity and inclusion (REDI), digital marketing strategy, and executive director/board chair relations.


In addition, through our Leadership Acceleration Program 1-on-1 coaching initiative, five nonprofit executives achieved significant organizational and personal performance challenges, transforming their work and that of their organization.


In these challenging times, we're grateful for the work you and your organization do for a stronger, caring community we call home. Our thanks to the experts who provided their knowledge and skills that strengthen the nonprofit community.


We hope you will support our entirely volunteer-run work for the coming year, and are grateful for your tax-deductible donation.


Corporate matching is available! Check to see if your company is one of over 900 organizations utilizing Benevity.


Nonprofit Net (est. 2003) promotes a thriving Greater Boston nonprofit community through free expert-led management seminars and networking forums. The key features of our program are:

  • Regular workshops and seminars on topics including effective governance, Board development, fundraising, volunteer recruitment, effective uses of technology, strategic collaborations, corporate strategy and other appropriate topics. The meetings also provide peer-to-peer linkage and network building opportunities. To date, we have presented over 160 free seminars.

  • Uniting the nonprofit community to increase public awareness of the effectiveness of not-for-profit organizations. This encourages the broader community to explore the activities of charitable organizations and to engage activities that further the missions of charitable and educational organizations.

Mission Statement

Nonprofit Net’s mission is to strengthen small and medium nonprofit organizations in the Greater Boston area by presenting free expert-led management seminars and networking opportunities.

Since 2003, we have presented over 160 free seminars that our constituency could not otherwise afford. Our guest speakers are recognized experts and experienced presenters who volunteer their time and expertise. Seminar attendees consistently demonstrate a high degree of engagement and energy, leading to their overwhelmingly positive feedback on satisfaction surveys.

This is an exciting time for Nonprofit Net, as we prepare to increase our impact by expanding our membership, Board, service area, and revenue.

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