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On Demand Content

Missed a seminar, or looking for guidance on a specific topic?  Below are recorded versions of some our popular seminars.

David Orlinoff headshot
What You Executive Directors (and Everyone Else) Need to Know About Basic Finance, Budgeting and Year-End Process

David Orlinoff

Learn the five essential elements of nonprofit finance

Abbie  von Schlegell headshot
What Are Different Viable Board Models and How Do They Work?

Abbie von Schlegell

Did you know that there are at least five typical structures for boards of nonprofit organizations? Learn which structure your board follows and be prepared to share that information in the seminar.

Paul TonThat headshot
What to Do (and Not Do) When Your Executive Director Leaves

N. Paul TonThat

‘The board is responsible for hiring and supervising the chief executive.’  Unfortunately, that directive doesn’t come close to addressing the board’s full responsibility for managing CEO turnover.  These transitions are complicated, but managing them need not be difficult.This seminar identifies the two most common mistakes boards make and outlines the six tasks for managing the transition the right way.

Barry Horwitz headshot
Visioning, Theory of Change and Strategic Planning

Barry Horwitz

A Theory of Change (TOC) is an important element of strategic planning for nonprofits, yet many

nonprofits don’t develop theirs. We’ll discuss what TOC is, how you develop one, and how it helps make your strategic plan truly strategic.

Liora Norwich head shot
Take the Equity Challenge: explore Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in your Nonprofit

Liora Horwitz

This webinar offers a chance to outline the main tenets of DEI as connected to a social and racial justice framework, and to explore multiple ways to apply an equity lens in your nonprofit.

Nina Selvaggio headshot
Measuring Impact: Why It Matters and How to Do It

Nina Selvaggio

This interactive workshop will help nonprofit leaders understand the importance of measuring impact, how to communicate organizational impact, and what tools can be used to apply the results to better realize missions.

Molly_Mead headshot
How to Tell Your Story

Molly Mead

Telling stories is the most powerful way to communicate. In this session, learn how tell a story that engages people, motivates them to act and, ultimately, advances the mission of your organization.  

Tracy_Sopchak headshot

Tracy Sopchak

Does everyone in your organization understand the fundraising strategy? Do they understand each other’s roles in that plan?  Learn how to create a holistic model of development that your board and staff understand and can carry out.

Diane Remin headshot

Diane Remin

In this technique-oriented session, make a plan for getting major gifts. Learn how to identify major-gift donors and determine how much to ask for, make plans for a donor visit, and have answers for a donor’s doubts.

Bob_Voss headshot

Bob Voss

Learn how to influence the trajectory of your team and organization and help create the conditions for success. Use a framework to identify the gaps between where you are as team and organization and where you need to be, and learn a systematic process for making a case for change, mobilizing allies, targeting key stakeholders and designing an actionable path forward for your organization.

Barrie_Atkin headshot

Barrie Atkin

Does your organization’s branding, including its logo and tagline, communicate the values and identity you want to convey?  Learn about the importance of branding and brand identity for your nonprofit, evaluate whether your brand identity is up to date, and determine the steps involved in refreshing or revising your brand.

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