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Leadership Acceleration Program

Team Meeting

Nonprofit executive directors hold a unique and challenging position in their organizations. They report to a board of directors and most often have one or more staff who report to them. The primary responsibilities for programming, operations, fundraising, staff management, board cultivation and reporting ultimately devolves to them. And yet, most often, they don’t have peers or confidantes within their organization. It can be a lonely job.

Introducing the Leadership Acceleration Program

Nonprofit Net launched the Leadership Acceleration Program to provide executive directors with exposure to perspectives, tools and ideas that go beyond the familiar to help them achieve their strategic objectives. In addition, the program provides a welcome opportunity for nonprofit executives to establish a unique peer network.


The inaugural program in spring of 2023 supported five nonprofit executive directors in pursuing a project that was important to their organization.

Applications for the Fall 2024 program will open in April 2024.

Enabling nonprofit executive directors to strengthen their leadership skills and move their organization forward

Program Components
  • A Significant Project  Each participant is asked to propose a significant organizational project or opportunity that they hope to pursue over the course of the nine-month program. The project or opportunity must meet specific criteria.

  • Peer Group Meetings  Five meetings, including up to 3 in person, will take place over the course of the program. These meeting will offer participants a forum to provide feedback, suggestions and encouragement to each other.

  • Executive Coaching  Through bi-weekly calls, an Executive Coach will support each participant during the nine months of the program.  Additionally, “topical” conference calls, optional discussions of specific topics that participants are interested in and that relate directly or indirectly to their Performance Challenge, will be scheduled.

  • Tools and Concepts  The program includes an introduction to tools and concepts that support leadership development and enhance the likelihood of success of their effort.

  • Assignments  Periodic, simple assignments will promote reflection, track progress, and to keep program peers and coaches informed.

Selection Criteria

The program is open to executive directors who are interested in participating, are committed to the work involved, and who meet the criteria outlined below.

  1. The project proposed  is one of the two or three most important opportunities or challenges facing your organization. (Success is important to many people).

  2. Executive director engagement and leadership is essential to the project.

  3. Significant progress is possible within nine (9) months.

  4. Several people to many people must contribute to achieve success (i.e., Board, staff, external stakeholders. Not just you).

  5. The proposed project will demand doing things differently. (It’s not just business as usual).

  6. The project is an effort that will require the executive director to step out of their comfort zone.

An ad hoc committee of Nonprofit Net’s Board of Directors will review program applications, conduct phone interviews with promising candidates, and recommend those that address program criteria most responsively. 
Program Cost


There is no charge for participants who are accepted into the program.

Application Process and Timeline
  • April, 2024   Applications open for Fall 2024 cohort

  • Applications are due August 10, 2024

  • First session to be held October, 2024

Questions are welcome. Please email questions to LAP (at) 

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